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Epona L

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The EPONA L outdoor sofa suite; it doesn’t get much more versatile than this!

The EPONA L Patio Sofa Suite has a lot to offer! There’s more than enough room for your family and any guests. Even better, there’s also more than enough space for two adults to stretch out and take an afternoon nap. With approximate exterior dimensions of 240cm x 310 cm (7.9' x 10.2') no one needs to lie uncomfortably with their feet or head tucked in. Of course, you can also mix it up a bit and try out some different seating combinations until you find the one that suits you best. For example, you could remove the middle corner and instead place it on its own, at the side. Or you could even extend the armchair with the middle section and have a third sleeping surface. Yet another possibility of this versatile lounge suite is to place both of the sofas together and voila – you have a double bed! We don’t want to go on forever about the many possible seating
combinations of this outdoor lounge suite; we just want to point out how versatile the EPONA L Patio Sofa Suite really is. The rustproof, lightweight, powder-coated aluminium frame can be quickly and easily moved into different positions. Thanks to the outdoor durability and UV-resistance, you can enjoy both sunny and shady days without worrying about the weather. Your sturdy, hand woven rattan coffee table and side table are different in height and width. The surface of each table is protected with safety glass panels. To make the set even safer, all materials are UKFR (UK fire resistant). Because your rattan lounge suite is hand woven, EPONA L is a unique piece. The covering of the EPONA L Patio Sofa Suite is made from 100% polyester, while the filling consists of foam. *Free delivery to mainland England and Wales. Please see delivery section for list of surcharges for delivery elsewhere in the UK.

Rattan colour

Rattan colour
Epona L
Rattan Cushion cover colour
Cushions included Cushions available to purchase
http://www.media.artelia-design.co.uk/media/furnitures_artelia/epona_uk/farbgenerator/epona_uk_polyrattan_black_pillowcase_cream.jpghttp://www.media.artelia-design.co.uk/media/furnitures_artelia/epona_uk/farbgenerator/epona_uk_polyrattan_brown_pillowcase_cream.jpghttp://www.media.artelia-design.co.uk/media/furnitures_artelia/epona_uk/farbgenerator/epona_uk_polyrattan_grey_pillowcase_cream.jpg http://www.media.artelia-design.co.uk/media/furnitures_artelia/epona_uk/farbgenerator/epona_uk_polyrattan_black_pillowcase_black.jpghttp://www.media.artelia-design.co.uk/media/furnitures_artelia/epona_uk/farbgenerator/epona_uk_polyrattan_black_pillowcase_green.jpghttp://www.media.artelia-design.co.uk/media/furnitures_artelia/epona_uk/farbgenerator/epona_uk_polyrattan_black_pillowcase_red.jpghttp://www.media.artelia-design.co.uk/media/furnitures_artelia/epona_uk/farbgenerator/epona_uk_polyrattan_black_pillowcase_grey.jpg

Possible Formations

Delivery and Dimensions

Delivery contains 1x middle section
1x armchair
2x two-seater sofa
1x corner section
1x coffee table with 5mm thick safety glass table top
1x side table with 5mm thick safety glass table top
Cream-white seat and back cushions included
Scatter cushions not included


Customer Reviews

We knew we wanted Rattan furniture and had shopped around seeing lots of sets. The products here seemed considerably less expensive than the competition and so I was initially nervous of the quality of what we'd be buying - especially since you're not seeing the product in advance. No problems here - the furniture is great, we're really pleased with it and it arrived in no time at all. I would say that you really need a hamper or something like the storage boxes Artelia sell for the cushions as they are large and also the furniture clips under the 'accessories' to keep it all together and stop them slipping around. We purchased the weather cover for our set also and it's excellent - a cover for expvery item in the set and they fit perfectly.
Mr. Rogers
Having just built a wooden terrace for my garden, the next big challenge was finding a high-quality sofa set that was also good value for money. After shopping around for a while, a friend of mine recommended I try Artelia and I’m glad he did! I found exactly what I was looking for and the whole process was made easier by the professional, knowledgeable team that’s on hand to help. I found Artelia’s prices very competitive. With free delivery and the fact that the cushions are included in the price, there’s nothing to grumble about (which is a first for me according to my wife). I’m now looking forward to enjoying a few drinks in the garden when summertime is here. Keep up the good work Artelia.

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