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Corlicante L
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After a perfect summer’s day in the garden, no-one wants to volunteer for the job of tidying the cushions away. The Corlicante L makes sure no-one has to. Available in Ebony and Ash Grey to match your furniture, this unobtrusively elegant solution makes the end of the day as relaxing as the beginning. Simply slip your cushions into the Corlicante and forget about them until breakfast in the garden the next day. If you feel like sitting in the sun for a few moments at lunchtime, our luxuriously comfortable cushions are right there, ready to go. Furthermore, the storage box is just as useful for children’s toys and general garden paraphernalia. There’s no need to worry about walking back and forth to the garden shed with bulky cushions. Please note that these storage boxes are not completely watertight. For that reason, a weather-proof cover is included in the order, free of charge.

Since this product is delivered unassembled, some self-assembly will be required.

Delivery & Dimensions
  • 1x storage box
  • The storage box will be delivered unassembled! Some self assembly is required!
  • The weather-proof cover is included in the delivery
  • Please note that the Corlicante L Storage Box does not have hydraulic springs
  • Please note it is not recommended to store your cushions in the storage box for extended periods of time, even with the weatherproof cover. Our boxes are not 100% waterproof and therefore damp may develop on the inside leading to mould.
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