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The Rattan Double Lounger HYPNOS - enjoy it together

According to Greek mythology, HYPNOS was the god of sleep, so why not treat yourself to a peaceful mid-afternoon nap or a short rest whenever you have the time. And to make sure that you never feel lonely, our rattan double lounger is at your service. As it’s perfect for two people, you can relax with a friend or that special someone. It boasts many attractive features so that you can’t help but to feel completely relaxed and at ease. The two separated lounger cushions are divided into three parts. The flexible backrest of the garden lounger can be adjusted appropriately so that you can drift away to dream land whilst on the same head and eye level. However, if you prefer, you can also gaze into each other’s sleepy eyes whilst dozing off by setting the head high at one side and low at the other and lying facing
each other. The HYPNOS Rattan Double Lounger is suitable for your garden, beside your pond, at your pool, on your patio or even for your conservatory. The total width of 1.65 meters prevents you from feeling cramped when relaxing. The upholstery of the adjustable lounger is made of foam, which your body sinks into in a delightful way. The removable, easy care polyester covers come in cream-white. They are water resistant and can be washed regularly. If you’ve had an exhausting day and fancy a relaxing evening in the garden, then the HYPNOS Rattan Double Lounger is exactly what you need. The covering of the HYPNOS Rattan Double lounger is made from 100% polyester, while the stuffing consists of foam. *Free delivery to mainland England and Wales. Please see delivery section for list of surcharges for delivery elsewhere in the UK.

Rattan colour

Rattan colour
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http://www.media.artelia-design.co.uk/media/furnitures_artelia/hypnos_uk/farbgenerator/hypnos_uk_polyrattan_black_pillowcase_cream.jpghttp://www.media.artelia-design.co.uk/media/furnitures_artelia/hypnos_uk/farbgenerator/hypnos_uk_polyrattan_brown_pillowcase_cream.jpghttp://www.media.artelia-design.co.uk/media/furnitures_artelia/hypnos_uk/farbgenerator/hypnos_uk_polyrattan_grey_pillowcase_cream.jpg http://www.media.artelia-design.co.uk/media/furnitures_artelia/hypnos_uk/farbgenerator/hypnos_uk_polyrattan_black_pillowcase_black.jpghttp://www.media.artelia-design.co.uk/media/furnitures_artelia/hypnos_uk/farbgenerator/hypnos_uk_polyrattan_black_pillowcase_green.jpghttp://www.media.artelia-design.co.uk/media/furnitures_artelia/hypnos_uk/farbgenerator/hypnos_uk_polyrattan_black_pillowcase_red.jpghttp://www.media.artelia-design.co.uk/media/furnitures_artelia/hypnos_uk/farbgenerator/hypnos_uk_polyrattan_black_pillowcase_grey.jpg

Delivery and Dimensions

Delivery contains 1x double lounger with adjustable backrest
All cream-white cushions are included


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Jessica and Steve
Great lounger. Lots of space to strech out on. Looking forward to summer time. In the mean time we will be relaxing in the conservatory!

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