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Matteo S
Matteo S Matteo S Matteo S Matteo S Matteo S Matteo S Matteo S Matteo S Matteo S Matteo S Matteo S

Cushion covers in an array of bright colours!

Do you get dressed in the same clothes every day? Probably not! That would get boring after a while. Make the most of our colour generator tool and have a look at the different shades on offer. Something sophisticated? Then go for black or grey. Or how about injecting a bit of colour in to your set? Then red or green cushion covers are the perfect for you. Of course, you can always go for another set of cream-white cushion covers.

The cushion covers are made from 100% polyester.

Delivery & Dimensions
  • 1x Cushion Cover Set
  • Cream coloured cushion covers are included in the delivery of your set. Here you can order coloured cushion covers or an extra set of cream coloured ones. Please note that these cushion covers will only fit your cushions if you bought your set after February 2015.
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