ARTELIA designer garden furniture is built to last. We only use hand-woven, top-quality synthetic rattan for our sets meaning you will be enjoying them for many years to come.
ARTELIA furniture is manufactured to exceptional standards. Our skilled weavers use materials which offer superior comfort, strength and durability, whilst being both lightweight and weather resistant.

Unfortunately rattan furniture being sold in the UK is flooded with cheap PVC styled rattan which undermines many of the benefits that rattan holds. You can be sure that ARTELIA furniture has been designed and crafted to the highest standard, using only the finest quality materials which are constructed by skilled, experienced craftsmen to create an exceptional standard of furniture that is designed and built to last. As a result there are some great benefits from choosing rattan garden furniture:

  Low-budget Recommended ARTELIA Quality


Material   Untreated steel, lacquered aluminium Powder-coated aluminium or steel Powder-coated aluminium or steel
Aluminium thickness

A good-quality frame is a thick frame. The frames on most of our sets are at least 1.2mm. Cheap sets with very thin frames are likely to break easily.

0.8 mm

1.0 mm

1.2-1.5 mm

Frame profile

The dimensions of the frame in cross-section.

1.5 x 1.5 cm

2.0 x 2.0 cm

2.0 x 2.0 cm

Type of aluminium

Make sure you buy a set with the best quality aluminium.

Mixed or recycled

100% new

100% new


A fully-welded frame on all load-bearing joints is important to give the basic structure strength and durability.

Cheap, spot-welded frame

Combination of spot- and full-welding

Strong, fully-welded frame

Outdoor rattan


It’s important that there are antioxidants within the rattan fibres to ensure a long-lasting product. Rattan lacking in antioxidants often breaks after the first winter.




Composition Good-quality rattan is absolutely vital for good-quality furniture. Poor-quality fibre will soon warp or tear. Fully recycled (30% new, 70% old) Partly recycled (70% new, 30% recycled) 70-100% new

Rattan thickness

Various styles of outdoor rattan have various thicknesses; nevertheless, a minimum is recommended.

1 mm

1.2 mm

1.2-2.0 mm


The length of time that the UV-resistance of the fibres is tested in laboratory conditions. An outdoor environment is simulated, thus ensuring that you will be enjoying your furniture for many years to come.


2 years

2-3 years



Low-value cushion fillings are an easy way of detecting a low-value product.

Poor-quality polyester  

High-quality polyester or foam

Quick-dry foam

Foam density The density of the foam is another key quality indicator. Sadly, a “punched” foam is often used, which is stretched with “aggravating powder” in order to meet the physical measurements required. 11 kg (artificially stretched) 15 kg 17-35 kg (pure)
Cushion cover weight We offer a range of covers; what’s important is the weight, which affects the feel of the fabric. 150 g 160 g Polyester: 160 – 200 g
Water resistance Our cushion covers are water-resistant, not waterproof.

No Yes Yes


ARTELIA uses only high-quality materials
for long-lasting furniture!

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