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In this section of our website we aim to keep you updated with information about rattan furniture and textile materials for indoor and outdoor use.  For example, which materials best provide for your individual needs?  How should you care for your new furniture?  Can you only set up rattan furniture on a covered patio area or anywhere in your garden? And what about setting it up on the balcony, in the conservatory or beside the pond?  What are the advantages of rattan compared to other materials?  How durable is your new rattan furniture set? 

These are few of the many questions that we hope to answer for you over the next few months.  We aim to keep you as up-to-date and interested as possible in rattan furniture.  We are happy to explain to you why it is worthwhile to invest in a top-quality furniture set that you will still be enjoying in years to come.  We will also explain the risks of choosing cheaper, less durable rattan furniture.

When it comes to rattan furniture, you will begin to notice the differences between high-quality sets and cheaper products after just a few months.  We hope to keep you well informed of such differences so that you can put your mind at ease knowing that you have made a sound investment in your rattan furniture set from ARTELIA.  In the next few posts of this magazine you can read up on the many benefits of our fantastic rattan furniture.

Spring is just around the corner – time to make your garden the envy of others!

There might still be a chill in the air outside, but the long winter nights are soon coming to an end!  Soon it will be time for barbeques, garden parties and afternoon naps in the shade.  It’s time to get organised and get your garden ready for the spring and summer months.  Have a look around our website for some inspiration.  Here at ARTELIA we have many stylish yet comfortable rattan furniture sets for you to choose from to make your garden into a haven of relaxation.  Of course, much of our furniture is also perfect for use in conservatories, dining rooms, living rooms and kitchens.  There’s just so much to choose from! 

It’s important that you feel comfortable while relaxing on your new furniture after a hard day’s work.  The type of material you choose for your set plays a major role in the relaxation process.  Steel and aluminium furniture radiate little warmth and often look very impersonal.  Both metals hardly add to the warm, inviting atmosphere that you’ll want to create in your garden.  Rattan furniture is different.  It integrates perfectly into any setting, exudes naturalness and is extremely comfortable.  Invest in rattan garden furniture from ARTELIA and you will be relaxing in comfort and in style!


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