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Corsimo L Rattan Storage Chest Artelia-Design UK 18149

Corsimo L

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Delivery and Dimensions
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natural round rattan£449.00In stock (delivery in 5 working days)
brown round rattan£449.00In stock (delivery in 5 working days)

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Handy storage box for cushions and toys!

You could carry the cushions from your rattan set inside every night. And then drag them back out in the morning again. However, we have a better idea that will save you going back and forth all the time. Why not purchase one of our rattan storage boxes? You can choose a storage box that will match your rattan furniture set – CORSIMO is available to order in natural round rattan or brown round rattan, The box is very practical and will keep your cushions free from dirt and dust. The storage box is delivered
unassembled – some self-assembly is required! The storage box is not 100% water-proof, so a weather-proof cover is included.

Delivery and Dimensions

  • 1x storage box
  • The weather-proof cover is included in the delivery
  • The storage box will be delivered unassembled! Some self assembly is required!
  • 180 x 90 x 80 cm

Please note that your box will be slightly different to the one pictured. The fittings that hold the box open are not included in the delivery. Please note that our storage boxes are not 100% water-proof. The boxes are splash-proof. We recommend storing your box under shelter and protecting the box with the weather-proof cover that comes included in the delivery. Even if you follow these storage instructions we cannot guarantee that the box will be 100% water-proof. We recommend storing the cushions in the box for short periods of time only.

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