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Enjoy some privacy with the Raalia Daybed

The Raalia Daybed is just full of surprises. Not only can you fold the roof canopy back if you want to enjoy the sun, but you can also push the top part and bottom part of the set away from each other to make two seating areas. You can also stretch out completely, put the roof canopy up and enjoy a nap in complete privacy. When you push the two parts of the set apart you’ll find a table in the middle. Perfect for enjoying lunch in the garden! The set is available in brown or black rattan and all the materials used are weatherproof. The frame is made from powder-coated aluminium, so it won’t rust in the rain like a set with a steel frame would. The
cream-white seat cushions are included in the delivery and are fully UKFR (UK fire resistant). The cushions are water-resistant, but we recommend taking them indoors when not in use in case of inclement weather. The aluminium frame is lightweight, which makes it easy to move around. You can move it around depending on which direction the sun is coming from. Raalia is extremely easy on the eye, practical and allows you to sunbath in private if you wish! Raalia ’s cushion covers are 100% polyester and the cushion filling is foam. *Free delivery to mainland England and Wales. Please see delivery section for list of surcharges for delivery elsewhere in the UK.

Rattan colour

Rattan colour
Rattan Cushion cover colour
Cushions included Cushions available to purchase
http://www.media.artelia-design.co.uk/media/furnitures_artelia/raalia/farbgenerator/raalia_polyrattan_black_pillowcase_cream.jpghttp://www.media.artelia-design.co.uk/media/furnitures_artelia/raalia/farbgenerator/raalia_polyrattan_brown_pillowcase_cream.jpghttp://www.media.artelia-design.co.uk/media/furnitures_artelia/raalia/farbgenerator/raalia_polyrattan_grey_pillowcase_cream.jpg http://www.media.artelia-design.co.uk/media/furnitures_artelia/raalia/farbgenerator/raalia_polyrattan_black_pillowcase_black.jpghttp://www.media.artelia-design.co.uk/media/furnitures_artelia/raalia/farbgenerator/raalia_polyrattan_black_pillowcase_green.jpghttp://www.media.artelia-design.co.uk/media/furnitures_artelia/raalia/farbgenerator/raalia_polyrattan_black_pillowcase_red.jpghttp://www.media.artelia-design.co.uk/media/furnitures_artelia/raalia/farbgenerator/raalia_polyrattan_black_pillowcase_grey.jpg

Delivery and Dimensions

Delivery contains 1x two-part daybed with canopy
1x table
Seat cushions included
Scatter cushions can be purchased seperately


Customer Reviews

Nicole, Runcorn
I purchased this set in July because of the lovely weather, but actually I have quite pale skin so I like to keep out of the direct sun. The collapsible roof on the lounger is very handy because you can fold it back up again as the sun goes down.

It's a pretty mediterranean design and the footstool and table are included. I wanted to buy an extra table but this wasn't possible but apparently it is planned for the future so if I had some feedback - please make it possible to buy individual pieces of furniture separately!!!



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